Milstein Summer Program @ Cornell Tech

The Milstein summer program at Cornell Tech is designed to be an immersive, engaged learning experience focused on bridging between technological and humanistic understandings of our world. Through mentored workshops, independent projects, collaboration with diverse communities and real-world engagement in NYC, students will develop a situated appreciation of both the forefront of technological innovation as well as the human context in which it is unfolding.

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The Milstein summer program @ Cornell Tech is organized around a set of studio workshops that collectively reflect upon the political and social context of technology, engage with new communities through the medium of sound and oral histories, and collaboratively design new artifacts using digital fabrication technologies. The second summer will provide students the opportunity to pursue a deeper set of interests and sustained, real-world collaboration – through internships, research collaborations and independent study projects. 

The program will be interleaved with experiential activities connecting students to the life and fabric of NYC, including visits to cultural institutions and participation in local arts events, and to one another and their mentors. Students will also contribute to the local Roosevelt Island community by working with local groups and participating in shared events and activities. By the end of the program, students will gain:

  • Unique academic experiences that integrate theory, methods, technology, texts
  • Bridged learning between classroom and other contexts (trips, events, field work)
  • Collaboration both within the cohort and with other stakeholders
  • Deep connection to NYC, and its diverse people and places